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Toli Zaslavskiy
Senior Software Engineer | Dropbox June 2022 to Present
$500K in quarterly revenue created via leading growth & activation campaigns
Saved 10+ hrs/month of on-call effort & doubled experimentation velocity by overhauling of /install page
Unified 20+ engineering teams with Storybook and Chromatic UI standardization
50% drop in on-call efforts via Grafana dashboard improvements and automated metrics
Organized annual JS Conference, upleveling other engineers in public speaking
Tech stack: React, TypeScript, Storybook, Python, Docker, Bazel, Kubernetes, SQL, AWS
Senior Software Engineer | Novel Commerce Oct 2021 to Apr 2022
$6m of funding secured in 6 months via architecting & launching smart contracts for NFT platform
Oversaw 3 contractors for hiring, onboarding, defining work, PR reviews, and other technical efforts
Created custom Solidity OpenGSN implementation for off-chain minting & whitelisting
Tech stack: Shopify, Solidity, OpenGSN, Torus Wallet, OpenZeppelin, TypeChain, MetaMask, Ethers.js,
Alchemy, Hardhat, React, Typescript, Node, K8s
Senior Frontend Engineer | HOVER Inc. Feb 2017 to Feb 2020
Scaled frontend team from 2 to 40 Eng in less than three years as tech lead
75% reduction in production bugs via initiative to achieve 80% unit & integration test coverage
Led the creation of PickleJS, an open-source integration framework with OpenGL regression testing
Developed 3D rendering platforms for visualizing completed homes & calculating construction materials
Streamlined eng process by creating CI/CD pipeline, R&D efforts, & data viz frameworks
Tech stack: ThreeJS, OpenGL, Cypress, Selenium, PickleJS, Storybook, ArgoCD, Codefresh, Kubernetes,
D3.js, Looker, TypeScript, React, Node
Neurodivergent’s Guide to the Workplace 2024
Developer Happiness JavaScript Jabbers Podcast 2022
Frontend Infra Playbook 2022
Empathy & Aspergers Humanava 2016
Facebook Ads Book 2016